Progress Edition 2018

Progress Edition 2018

Throughout 2017 the Swainsboro Police Department saw an increase in the demand for law enforcement services.  The agency continues to strive for ways to meet the needs of a growing community by providing professional police services for everyone.  The staff of the Swainsboro Police Department has been working extremely hard on building stronger partnerships with the community by constantly updating policies and procedures relating to all aspects of law enforcement.  Each year the changes in the law at the Federal, State, and Local level change and therefore the agency must change to meet the needs of the community.  The police department understands the important job all public safety have and its necessity for a better quality of life for those living or visiting the city.

To meet those needs, the agency continues to train its staff on the latest level on criminal justice manners from patrol techniques to intense criminal investigations, training is essential.  Through training the agency staff becomes more confident in their ability to manage calls for service.  In 2017 the officers at the Swainsboro Police Department conducted over 1,100 combined hours of specialized and advance training in many different areas of law enforcement.  As noted by policy, officers must be held to the highest level of standard in being prepared for any situation that may present itself.

In addition to training the changes in equipment and technology also affects an agency’s ability to provide the best possible service to its citizens.  The agency constantly searches for ways to provide the best possible equipment to its officers and administrative staff.  Advancements in technology has resulted in stream lining an officers reporting system  and a data base that proves itself vital in solving crime within the city.

The most important part of any successful police agency is its staff.  An agency must have motivated personnel that have a passion for the profession.  Most people do not get into law enforcement for the pay because there are many other less risky professions that pay far better.  With that being said, officers must have a desire to make a difference in the community he or she serves.  This desire is what makes an officer strive for excellence in the law enforcement profession.  The officers and staff of the Swainsboro Police Department demonstrate high standards through their work but still allow themselves to show compassion and fairness when necessary to enforce the law.

The agency will continue in 2018 to provide the best possible service to its citizens.  The agency hopes to add additional staff in areas of operations within the department to meet the growing needs of the community.  In addition the agency plans on re-implementing the department K-9 unit to assist the Drug Suppression Unit.  Also, the agency in 2018 has set a goal to train and equip an agency SRT (Special Response Team) that will assist in the service of high risk warrants and fugitive apprehension.  These are just a couple of goals from a long list the agency has for 2018.

The Swainsboro Police Department remains dedicated in suppressing crime so that our community as a whole can enjoy a better quality of life.