Properly Displaying House Numbers Can Save Lives

Properly Displaying House Numbers Can Save Lives

When emergency services are dispatched to an address it is by numerical number corresponding to the street or road.  If a property owner does not maintain the 911 assigned number in a visible manner then emergency services may not be able to locate residence or property in a timely fashion.  This delayed response could be the difference between life and death.  In some cases a delay of even minutes in an emergency situation could be detrimental to the citizen.

All citizens are strongly encouraged to have the 911 address number visible from roadway so as to not delay needed services.  During 2017 Swainsboro Police Department personnel canvased the streets of the city warning citizens that did not have there address displayed.  The law states that the numeric numbers must be at least 4 inches in size and visible from roadway.

Lets all work together as a community to assure emergency services can quickly locate a citizen in distress.

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